03.07.2015 Things are going well with the Nerdsynth. So i received a funding to get the next prototype ready for a appeareance at the Amsterdam Dance Event in october. Also there are new tracks on the Nerdsynth Soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/nerdsynth
15.11.2014 Around 10 years ago i organized a micromusic festival in my former hometown Wuppertal. For that i invited Sputnik Booster and the Future Posers who pleayed their very first concert. Now 10 years later they organize their 10 year anniversary. I will play there this time on December 27th. And of course i will bring the NerdSynth!
02.06.2014 The Nerdsynth is real!! My newest project 'The N3RDSYNTH' is a portable 8bit style Digital Hardware Tracker Groovestation Synthesizer with real Soundchips.
It'll be my music tool of the future. Last Saturday i played my first gig with my prototype of the Nerdsynth.

Check out my new project and some sound-demos:
Official N3RDSYNTH Website
Nerdsynth on Facebook
Nerdsynth on Twitter

Some audio:
Nerdsynth music on Soundcloud

Early Nerdsynth video on Youtube
01.06.2014 Coming soon: Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Science by 8bitoperators. My contribution will be used for the Bonus 12" record! I made a cover of 'Everything Counts'. Exact release date coming soon. Here are already some infos: 8bit operators

03.11.2013 A new Frau Holle release. It's a cover of John Paul Youngs Love is in the air. I made it for the famous Chiptune 70's cover micromusic compilation on the Coucou netlabel.

Get it here: CouCou 027 - 70s cover compilation
11.10.2013 Triple news:

I added a Frau Holle aka firestARTer page on Facebook.

Like Frau Holle aka firestARTer on Facebook

I am planning to renew the firestARTer-music webpage soon.

I will contribute my cover of Depeche Modes 'Everything Counts' for the coming 8-Bit Operators Depeche Mode tribute compilation. Stay tuned!
11.01.2013 So after 2 baby-breaks ( 2 pretty girls ) i am back with the release of my new Frau Holle Album with the nice name: ...delayed since 2007. Because it is so long ago that i want to finish it! It's released on DWD-Records. Get it here: Frau Holle ...delayed since 2007 DWD #009
08.09.2009 Next weekend on the famous Gogbot Festival in Enschede you will be able to see two of my works. 1st you can see and use my Wordcontroller since it will be exposed there. And 2nd i will play a concert there aswell. More info for that at the Gogbot homepage.

Some weeks ago i put a video of my latest 'proof of concept' the "Touchzillator" online.
The Touchzillator is a Oscillator to generate sounds, as they are used in Synthesizers. My speciality is that you can draw the oscillators waveform via a Touchscreen. It is still a very early proof of concept and i don't have too much time. So it can take a while until i will work again on it.
You can check the video here: Touchzillator
Now i am concentrating on my next big 'project' which is not music or electronic related and very time consuming but the coolest thing i ever did!
28.04.2009 It might look like that i was just lazy the last few months, but i wasn't. Earlier this year i organized a little 8 bit party and a circuit bending day in the famous little club Attent in Rotterdam. Both have been very nice and there is more to come. I also had some DJ sets and right now i am finally doing some new music again. Slowly, but anyway, i am active. If things go well, i will be back with concerts in the end of May.

I worked also some more on my media-art-Installation 'Word Controller' and added some new features. One goal was to make it more intuitive to use. I saw some issues with the first release.
It will be exposed in Amsterdam from the 2nd - 30th May at a event called Atompunk presented by PLANETART. Atompunk is a Prologue to the GOGBOT festival Enschede 10-13 sept. 09. Location is the PLANETART Medialab in the former Volkskrantbuilding Amsterdam. See a video of the wordcontroller here: wordcontroller video.

Also i am working on a new project for a very easy load/save device on SD-Cards for the famous Prophet64/MSSIAH cartridges. Handling with floppy drives is rather unhandy and slow. And all other solutions are too expensive or also slow. I was nearly finished with that, but then i came into some compiler troubles. So it is kind of delayed now. Got to port it to another compiler now.
04.12.2008 First: Good choice USA!

Second: Some new concerts in December. See gigs.

Third: I got a exhibition at the 20th of December at 'De Fabriek' in Rotterdam. There i will present my 'Word Controller' Installation. An Interactive Media-Art Project where people can create real and non-real words. The installation will also talk those words on request. More info and Photos are coming soon.
18.10.2008 The Autumn season begins and some new things coming up.

I am morphing more and more to Frau Holle and by the end of the Year the good ol' firestARTer will finally (nearly) disappear.
Frau Holle is shaking the pillows for you then!
On the end of october i will play a gig in Vienna. Combined with that i will host a little Circuit Bending Workshop at the 'neue Expositur der Universitaet fuer angewandte Kunst'. Hopefully with some nice results like the last time in Antwerpen (Scheldapen). People showed up there with loads of casios and toys to bend. I bended myself an old Rhythm Machine with some nice analogue Rhythms (Waltz, ChaCha, March etc..). Now i can play every drum simply via Midi and get some Techno rhythms out of it...funny though, even techno beats sound like a March or Discofox out of it :-) . There was also alot of synthy talk beside the bending stuff.
I will find some solution to simply add photos of my events to the website soon. Well it needs a refreshing anyway...lets see when i find some time....
My firestARTer synth is going to be real. I am experimenting with some components at the moment and i will upload some footage as soon as there is something to show.
14.07.2008 Finally my long awaited vacation is coming...Except for some side activities and mini-projects which are not worth mentioning not alot happened.
I plan to develope finally the long awaited firestARTer synthesizer. And with all my ideas until now it looks like that it is going to be a really big thing. Once i start real developing, i will set up some kind of a blog for all progress.
First, i will go on vacation and end up in Berlin at the microdisco summer splash 2008! Come over from 31.07.-03.08.2008 and meet all the microgeezers! I will do a show aswell.
13.04.2008 Back on the rack part 2! 11 Months back, i expected to be more active on this page, feed you with updates, new projects, new songs, new gigs. But for several reasons, nothing happened. Well some gigs here and there, some project updates (like my Midi-Interface for Prophet64) but no songs and no news!!
I swear, i am going to be more productive from now on!!!
But what happened again? Ah yes, i moved to Rotterdam in the last summer. And moving to another country, starting a new job, learning a new language and preparing the house takes alot of time and energy. At least i found some time to finish the Prophet64 Midi Interfaces. Anyway, i am active again, the batteries are loaded. And my actual project is a modification of my Boss Voice Transformer VT-1. With my new mod, you can control it via Midi and so it acts like a vocoder. Check this video to see a first (very improvised) presentation. I will add a more detailed one soon. And as usual, i will release all schematics for the DIY people.

And as you probably noticed already, here and there the name Frau Holle appeared. And there is of course a reason for it. I will change my artist name into Frau Holle. Since firestARTer is used several times by more and less good artists, i decided (looong time ago) to change my name. It will be a slow transformation and firestARTer will disappear slowly. So thats it for now. In the next days i will update also all other parts of my webpage.
Nice to see you back!
17.05.2007 Back on the track! After a really busy time i finished my exames and can get back to my other projects.
The Prophet64 Midi interface is on a final stage to be finished. And there are new concerts coming very soon. Starting with a little Switzerland warm up and getting further with the Nerdcore Tour 2007 together with 8Bit-Weapon, Computeher and Melbot. Visual support by the wonderfull C-Men of course.
All upcoming dates can be seen on the Gigs page.
09.02.2007 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
A bit late, but better late than never!

Finally the 8-Bit Operators CD and Record are released!!! And as you might remember, the CD & Record are containing covers of Kraftwerk songs.
My song on the CD is the cover of Kraftwerks famous Computerwelt (Computerworld).
Both are distributed via Astralwerks. For more information and possibilities to buy it check here.
Please check also the 8-Bit Operators Homepage where you can listen to some of the tunes:
12.12.2006 Just added a new Project. The Midi-Interface for the popular handheld GP2x. Check it here.
17.11.2006 OH MY GOSH!!! 2 months of laziness and no updates on the site. In the meantime quite some interresting things happened.

First, i came back from a really great time and gig at the PING!3 Festival in Andratx/Mallorca. It was the perfect happening to stop with playing live for a while. Its always good to stop, when it's running well. I had a amazing time there with very good ideas and impressions for my next projects.

I made a new Track for 8bitpeoples 50th release compilation. It's called Cherepovets and it's a tribute to the city Cherepovets, where i played on my russia tour.

Check the press release on the 8bit-operators site for the forthcoming official Kraftwerk-8bit-Cover compilation called 8bit-operators, where i contribute my interpretation of Kraftwerks 'Computerwelt'. The release date is scheduled for februrary 6th, 2007.

Chipcult.ru released the recording of my live-gig from Moscow! MOSCOW DISKO!! Get it here.

Finally, I added my myspace site here.

***firestARTer loves Russia***

I am back from Russia and i am still very impressed! It was an amazing Tour.
Russia really know how to rock!!
Thanks to all people who shared the time with us. I will put some pictures online soon and the guys from chipcult.ru will also release the recording from one of the concerts in the near future.
If you got the chance one day to go there, you should do it. I recommend it.

Our LittleGPTracker hack on the GP2x worked really well. Thanks to M-.-n to make it possible.

For the rest, i am busy with exames at the moment, so i will also play less concerts in the near future. But i will continue with the projects of course.
14.08.2006 Yay, going to Russia soon! From August 24th i will have a nice little Tour through russia playing gigs in St.Petersburg, Cherepovets and Moscow. I'm also very busy with developement and will provide you some new schematics after the Russia Tour.
Check also now the Prophet64-forum where you can get all latest news and talk about P64 and the forthcoming Midi-Interface for it.
05.06.2006 On friday the 16.06.2006 i will play a gig at the very nice Ruhrpuls Festival in Bochum. Together with Mini-Roc we'll bring the real 8-bit-shit into the Ruhrpott!!
Check the party flyers here, here and here and check also the Festivals Homepage for all informations.
I am really looking forward to it since it'll be the first gig i have around my hometown Wuppertal!
08.05.2006 New Song released. My cooperation with Mini-Roc is just released in the very nice german music print-magazine Persona non grata.
The Song is with alot of other nice songs from Audiolith artists like Plemo, Der Tante Renate or miKimiKron on a CD-Compilation which is inside the magazine.
Check the playlist here and get the magazine from your favourite magazine-dealer in germany or order it online here.
20.04.2006 After some relaxing time i am back with fresh ideas.
But first i got to promote the new album of Mikimikron. I got it 2 weeks ago and now i am playing it all the time. A really great piece of music. It's available on Audiolith.

And also i updated my MySpace account now. You can check it out on http://www.myspace.com/firestartermusic and listen to some new tracks which i might upload soon.
26.02.2006 Just updated my Homepage and added the new PROPHET64-CARTRIDGE Midi-Interface Project.
Check it out
13.02.2006 Coming back from my concert at the Viri-Festival in Eindhoven. And it was really great. I really enjoyed it and i like to thank the organizers to be there!

At the moment i am working on the new Prophet64 Midi-Interface, as there is a new version of this great piece of C64 music software coming out soon!


There are some gigs coming soon and i hope i can find some time to write down some news here as they are some things happening here!
12.10.2005 BusyBusyBusy...as usual i got a lot of stuff to do and too many projects running. But first some info about the last 2 months. I finished my krafterk-remix of 'computerwelt' and i hope you guys like it. The kraftwerk-remix-compilation is nearly finished and will be released in the near future. Can't wait to hear all the other tracks.

The workshops and the concert at the 'lowlands' festival have been a great success. Hopefully we can make it again next year. Thanks alot to the texelse boys for their support!

I had to cancel my gig in reusel, but i will be there the next time. But nothing to be worried about, as the great Jeroen Tel played there instead of me.

Also another new release is out now! My Song 'Tomaten' is released on a 7" compilation together with songs from naomi sample and the go-go-ghosts, a boy and his sid and mr. tingle. It's released on the fresh new label Musikfladen.
Get the 7" now before it's sold out!

I wrote an article for the german GO64 paper-magazine. GO64 is one of the last few magazines which content is about the Commodore64. The article from issue 07/05 is a description about how to built my PROPHET64 Midi Interface.
04.08.2005 Summertime...but i am hard working on my Projects!
1st: The Kraftwerk remix. I will remix the lovely Track 'Computerwelt' from Kraftwerk for a Kraftwerk Remix Compilation which will be released in autumn.
2nd: Just finished my new Project, a Midi-Interface for Prophet64. Very simple but working fine.
3rd: Working out the workshops for the Lowlands festival. I'm going to make workshops about how to make music with Gameboys.

Links here:
Kraftwerk Remix
Prophet64 Midi Interface
Lowlands Festival ( 19. - 21.08.2005 )
17.06.2005 I uploaded 2 tracks from my just released 'Wuppertal EP' on my webspace here. It's a little appetizer for you. Get them at the releases section.

It looks like that i will play and give workshops at the well known dutch 'lowlands' festival. I will post it, when it's fixed.
20.05.2005 firestARTer and the lsdjmc2 Gameboy Midi-Interface are featured in the new German music-production magazine called 'Beat'. It's an article about chip- and 8bit music in general with technical information about how to make 8bit sounds and a Bodenstandig2000 interview.
They also added my song 'cuteinvasion' on the magazines CD! :-)

Finally i had my first concerts after my 'winter pause'. The netherland tour was nice again and i had alot of fun..even without my missing voice transformer. I got new energy now to work on my next tracks, one for a 7inch release and a Kraftwerk cover for a compilation.
10.05.2005 10 days delayed but now finally my 'Wuppertal EP' is released!!!
It consist 6 brandnew tracks made with a Gameboy and a Commodore64 coming with some special Gimmicks.
Get it fast, as only the first 100 orders get the cd in a smooth textile case. The nice 3inch CD is now available on the Retinascan webside.
20.04.2005 The CD-Release of the Wuppertal EP will be on the 1st of May. So the first CD's will be available at the Microfest in Augsburg!

I also added a new concert which will be at the Birdie Demo-Party in Uppsala / Sweden. I don't know the exact day yet, it'll be between the 6th and the 8th of May.
18.04.2005 All preperations for my Wuppertal EP are finally done! YEAH!! Mastering will be on this friday and the CD will be available at the end of April. It'll contain 6 brandnew tracks (95% Gameboy and C64). You can get the 'Wuppertal EP' soon at Retinascan.
23.02.2005 First update for this year. In may i start with a gig in Augsburg, organized by the fantastic Sputnik Boosters. After that, i will have a short Netherland Tour in the middle of May.
I hope i get my EP finished within the next weeks. Another 2 songs, one for a compilation and another for a game are also in work.
Finally i updated also my Midi interface to get it work with Nanoloop2 and some more features. Check the Hardware section for that.
04.01.2005 Happy new year everyone!

New stuff for the new year. First of all, i will make a break for some weeks. That means no live concerts in the near future. I got alot of stuff to be done. The Wuppertal EP will be mastered at the end of janurary and then hopefully released in februrary. I am also currently working on a new electronic project, but my main work goes to the LSDJMC2 production. Maybe all the people on the waitlist will be happy till the summer.
All the best for 2005 to you!
11.12.2004 In a few hours i will travel to Rome, Italy to play my last concert for this year. It'll take place at the Linux Club and is some benfit event for the 'Torazine' magazine.
'Poi Firestarter, tedesco, potentissimo, anche lui tutto gameboy e commodore 64.' :o)

On tuesday 14th there will be a radioshow featurung firestARTer on the local radio 'Radio Wuppertal'. The show called 'bionic radio'will start at 9 p.m. I will put it online, too asap.
18.11.2004 Audiolith re-released the plemo/firestARTer 7inch split single in their
'...to be audiolithed' 5 Vinylsinglebox. That's a compilation of their five 7" releases including famous artists like: THE DANCE INC, JURI GAGARIN/DOS STILETTOS, R�UBERH�HLE, CLICKCLICKDECKER, PLEMO and firestARTer.
The official release date will be on November 29th. It's limited to 123 boxes and will be available at audiolith.net. More information here.
03.11.2004 NEW WORLD ORDER :-(
22.10.2004 SAMPLE WANTED!!
For one song on my forthcoming 'Wuppertal EP' release i want you to sample a short 'AUA' for me. Thats the sound you make when you get hit by somebody. All nice 'AUA' will be used in the song and you will be added on the cd-credits aswell. So all girls and boys, please record 'AUA' for me and send it ( doesn't matter which file-type, MP3, WAV, OGG ....) to my CONTACT email-adress as soon as possible.
Thank you :)
19.10.2004 The article in the german gaming magazine 'gee-mag'(see below) is now also online-released in the german news-magazine
'Der Spiegel'.
30.09.2004 A 22 minute mix of my live tracks is now available on the net via Retinascans Scene.org account. I made the mix with 2 Gameboys and a C64, recorded in my little musicroom in Wuppertal last week thursday while my final practise for the following concert. See it as a teaser for my forthcoming 'Wuppertal EP' which i will release on Retinascan soon.
Download here.
28.09.2004 The concert in Nijmegen really great! A lot of people dancing in the cellar club 'de Onderbroek' to firestARTers music. Thats how i like it :o)
firestARTer and his lsdjmc2 Gameboy Midi-Interface are featured in the german gaming magazine 'GEE' (Games, Entertainment, Education). It is a nice article about the music scene around chipstyle, micromusic etc...
If you are in Germany, go to your favourite magazine-dealer and get it. It's a
'not only for gamer' magazine.
24.09.2004 I am quite busy at the moment as i am working hard for my next release, the Wuppertal EP. The CD will be soon released on Retinascan. The EP includes beside the 6 brandnew tracks some extra Gimmicks so stay tuned!
Tonight i will play in Nijmegen for Extrapool together with the fabulous
Naomi Sample and the GoGoGhosts!.
They are now some pictures online from the events in London and Z�rich.
Lsdjmc2 infos: The first interfaces are shipped, yeah!

06.09.2004 The 1-Up Tour is over and it was really successfull. We had alot of nice gigs with a very good response. The americanoes Naughytboy and 8bit are also back home.
All the Party's for the 5th anniversary of micromusic have been really great! Now it's time to get back to the things i got to do. I am working for my release on retinascan. It'll be the 'Wuppertal EP'. There will be some new tracks on the CD. So stay tuned!
Some more gigs are coming aswell. I will play in Den Bosch next weekend. They are also gigs in Nijmegen, Tilburg, Enschede ( all Netherlands ) and a gig in London till the end of october. More information about those are coming soon.
04.08.2004 The 1-UP Tour with Naughtyboy, 8-Bit, firestARTer and guests just started. Our first gig at 'de player' in Rotterdam was very nice. The organizers Annemiek and Peter are really nice, so we had a great time there. Thank you for your perfect hosting! That made us a very good start. The next Tour-Stop will be in Brussels on Saturday the 7th at 'Le Gazon'. So come there and join the gigs!
More info's and tour dates here.
22.07.2004 The festival in Wuppertal has been very nice! We played the show for half an hour and then the worst rain and thunder since years started! And as it was a open-air festival, we had to stop for 1.5 hours. Our mixer was totally wet so we couldn't use it anymore. After i brought my mixer from my home, the party could go on..and the audience was directly enthousiastic that there was music again.
So everybody could do his live-gig and we had a great party!! Thanks to everybody who played and helped for this event. :)
07.07.2004 Finally i put the info-site about the festival in Wuppertal up:
http://www.firestarter-music.de/wuppertal (site in german language)
06.07.2004 Now it's time to tell you about the big microfestival that i am organizing in my hometown Wuppertal. For this event i got some nice cool international Live acts and DJ's. From London they will be Lektrogirl, Gwem and Manou. Lo-Bat and hyperkut are coming from brussels. Plemo comes from Hamburg. And of course myself from Wuppertal itself.
The Festival will take place on the 'Langer Tisch' event, which is a big city party for Wuppertals 75th anniversity. More than 100 different partys in alot of different stylez will take place on the 'langen tisch' which is the 14 kilometer closed main-street of Wuppertal.
The Micro-open air is only 1 minute walking away from the Schwebebahn (Monotrain) Station Westende. Our Gameboys, synths and records will rock, bleep and pop in front of the Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 244. It's starting at 7 pm and ends around 4 am. Come over and have alot of fun with us listening to our faverouites microstarz.
18.06.2004 I am back in germany from my little scandinavia tour. And it was very nice, thank you peoples there very much for your hosting and for 2 nice gigs in Stockholm and Bergen!
Back home, i did quite alot of work to finalize my LSDJ/Nanoloop Midi-Interface. All functions are implemented now and some lsdjmc2 are also available soon.
More infos and a waitlist here.

Last but not least, i am planning to do a micromusic festival in my hometown Wuppertal. If it all works out, it'll be an open air fest on the 17.07. with a really fat line-up! So if you live around, stay tuned for more infos.
27.04.2004 You can check the mini-north-europe-tour at the Gig section now. Don't miss the gigs if you are somewhere around then!
2 nice geezers from the LSDJ scene made each a tutorial for building the LSDJ-Midi interface. They are available in the Hardware section or here.
20.04.2004 Some gig-updates...

I will go to norway and sweden in may/june and i will play 2 gigs in Stockholm and in Bergen. The exact dates will be posted on the gigs area soon. And also there will be a gig in brussels at the end of June.
01.04.2004 Now i also added the live-version of 'cute invasion' which sounds alot cooler than the 'studio-version'. It was recorded at the Micromusic Festival in Paris last december.
Get it here.

There are also some tutorials coming soon about how to build a LSDJ- Midi Interface! Stay tuned...
19.02.2004 I am in a good mood today. So i uploaded a new track for you.
Get 'cute invasion' at the Releases section now.
Enjoy it !!!
19.02.2004 Finally i released the first version of the Midi-Interface for the LittleSoundDJ. Check the Hardware section for it.
The DJ-Battle against Jeroen Tel last thursday was very nice. We did a nice SID-Set for the crowd. Jeroen Tel versus firestARTer versus The C-Men seem to be a good mixture for a nice party. We plan to do it again.
For the next days i plan to do some new gameboymusic in the train which i have to take every day. It'll be some material for my forthcoming mini-concept-album on Retinascan.
On this label i also made a short remix for the Siemers Remix-Compilation. My Runstop/Restore Remix of the Siemers Track 'shift.contrlo#rtl-versionm'.
26.01.2004 YOWSAH!! I won the ENOOZE AxelF remix contest!!
I like to begin the week with a success like this! Yeah!!
Don't miss the remix and download it here

And finally, i finished a beta version of the LSDJ-Midi-Convertor. The betatesters are already informed and they will test it very soon. If they say it's bugfree, i will release all infos that you can built one yourself and i will start to produce them, for the people who can't build them or don't like to.
While searchig in the net, i found this funny Video with live-scenes from Lo-Bat,Gwem and me. There is also an interview with Malcolm McLaren about his visions for our Gameboy-Stuff. Don't miss it.
Check the Hardware-Section for some great News about the LSDJ-Midi Interface.
I will have my next Gig on Februrary 12th in Enschede / Netherlands. It will not be a Live-Set, but a DJ Set! I will make a Battle against Jeroen Tel....Jeroen Tel?? Yes, exactly, the great composer of tunes like Cybernoid or Turbo Outrun on the Commodore 64. One of the great SID composers from the collective Maniacs of Noise. More info soon...
23.12.2003 X-Mas is coming soon. Which also means, that the year is nearly done. A good reason to thank everybody i met for their support, music, love, help and also for criticism !! Together it is a good mix for me to go on making the music that i want to make. Don't forget, the music is there to make people happy and not to fill businessmans wallet.
I want to wish you a nice cristmas time with your families and friends. And maybe you got also 1 second to think about the people who can't spend the time with their families or friends, or who can't even afford having christmas.
Thanks alot, love and peace!!!
20.12.2003 Short before christmas, micromusic made new releases which includes my new Santa QFS track microbells. It's a kind of jingle bells remix made on the Gameboy.


You can order it HERE.
18.12.2003 There are some pictures and videos of the festival in Paris.
Thanks to Saandrine, o_tr_o and Eat Rabbit!
Pictures from Saandrine
Pictures from Eat Rabbit
Videos from o_tr_o
17.12.2003 Ya! Back from Paris and it was really good! Thanks to all the people who helped organizing the Microfestival. I liked it alot and the crowd aswell, as it looked like!
So the year is nearly done...but as i say: nearly.
Directly after the christmas days will be an event in Brussels in the Atomium with live gigs from Lo-Bat and Covox. Lektrogirl is spinning the wheels of steel and some visual action by the fabulous C-Men! And maybe there will be also a small support act of a secret musician!
It's on the 27th December and starts aroud 9 p.m.
09.12.2003 I am going to Paris next weekend to play at the micromusic-festival called Chip n" Chic! It's the last chance for you to see me live this year, so don't miss it. There will be live sets with GWEM, Lo-Bat, Hyperkut, some guest DJ's and me. The Visuals and 'light-acts' will be performed by the C-MEN and Post-eat.
More information about the festival here.
If you come there you will also have the chance to get my new Single release
'Die Hintergruende'. MY FIRST 7INCH SINGLE RELEASE IS OUT NOW. It's a Split-Vinyl with my track on one side and Plemo's Punk Smash-Pop-Hit 'Randale' on the other side. I will bring the first singles to Paris, so you can get it there, yes! For them, who can't join the festival, there will be the distributors listed at the release section very soon.
The LSJ-Midi Convertor will also have it's release date soon. So please stay tuned.
One project is left for me this year. I will join the Enooze contest and do a Axel F remix as the rules want to have it. Deadline will be the 31st of december.
27.10.2003 I have added the timetable to inform you as the LSDJ Midi-Converter project progresses.
21.10.2003 Commando back!! The project for the dutch DVD-compilation is canceled for me. We didn't know, that they are only dutch artists allowed. But anyway, i will join the cmen in 2 weeks to have a full weekend music session. Hopefully we will make some nice material for new tracks!
14.10.2003 Some new things are going on. So i will make a 100% Gameboy Album including some special Gimmicks. It'll be released on Retinascan. Another Project will be a cooperation with the C-Men. A Video+Music Project for a great dutch DVD Compilation.
The 7inch split single with Plemo is in production! They say, it should be finished at the 29th October.
15.09.2003 Yeah, they activated my tune 'Check this out' at Micromusic. You should download it from there to make it the microcharts most-wanted track!!
12.09.2003 Last weekend I went to the Boys Playground Party in Gent and played a special-surprise-2-Song-Gameboy-Live-Gig there. I also introduced my new hardware project, a Midi-Interface for the LittleSoundDJ. The project is nearly done and the beta-test phase has already begun. I will put up a new section in the next few days so you can learn more about it. So stay tuned!
26.06.2003 MICROMUSIC Invasion USA-Tour added ---} GIGS
15.05.2003 New Trackdownload : Check This Out ---} Releases
15.05.2003 New Trackdownload : 2STEP MEETZ ARCADE ---} Releases