INFO    The PROPHET64-CARTRIDGE EDITION MIDI-INTERFACE is a Midi-Box add on for your Commodore64 which makes it possible to control the PROPHET64-CARTRIDGE (Sequencer, Mono-Synthesizer, Bassline and Drummer) via MIDI.

It supports Sync, Notes, Midi-Controllers, Midi-Load/Save and more...
See the feature list to learn all about its functionalities.

This MIDI-Interface is just an add on for the famous PROPHET64 CARTRIDGE and so PROPHET64.COM is not responsible for it!

For any discussion about the project, ideas or critics, join the PROPHET64-Forum

Please check the Prophet64 Forum for any Questions about the Midi-Interface before you write an email. All new informations will be posted there first!!
To synchronize PROPHET64 with any MIDI-Sequencer, Drum-Computer or similar                      
To play PROPHET64 Notes or trigger the Drummer with a Midi-Keyboard or a Sequencer and to record sequences on the new PROPHET64-Sequencer edition
To choose the PROPHET64-Pattern that should play next via a Midi-Note                            
Control all 4 POTs to change parameters in PROPHET64 (e.g. Filters, Volume, Envelopes) with MIDI-CONTROL Messages             
To use PROPHET64-Sequencer as MIDI-Master Clock                                                  
Learn mode to select the Midi-Channels and to assign your favourite Midi-CC to the 4 POTs                      

 EASY TO USE MENU         
An intuitive menu to get to all your functions very easily                                      
To FAST load and save your PROPHET64 savestates via Midi.                                          
Easy upgrade the Midi-Interfaces firmware for new features or to fix bugs.                                                 

          DO IT YOURSELF          
To build the Prophet64-Midi-Interface you need a PIC 18F452 microcontroller with a special software burned on it.       
If you can't burn the PIC, I offer you to burn it for you. Just contact me for more info!
Here are all informations you need for download:

Schematics V1.1    
Part list V1.0    
Software to burn V1.0.0 (.hex file) 06.11.2007    
Quick-Guide V0.1 (PDF)    

Check the timetable for the latest changings.

The provided schematic and software is working fine for me. But :
I take no responsibility for any bugs or damage caused by building or using the Prophet64 Midi Interface!!!
Please keep always in mind that you are dealing with a 25 year old Computer!

Q: When will it be available?
A: It is actually availabale for a very short time. Check here for more infos.
Q: Does it work on every Commodore64?
A: It works on all Commodore64 where the Prophet64 Cartridge works. Of course the C64, it's power supply, User- & Joystickport must be 100% working for safe working and accurate Midi / POT control.
Q: Can i order a Prophet64-Cartridge from you?
A: No! Prophet64 Cartridges can only be ordered from PROPHET64.COM.
Q: Does the Midi-Interface interfere the SID2SID board or does the SID2SID board interfere with the Midi Interface?
A: No, they don't interfere each other at all.
Q: Does Load/Save via Midi mean, that i don't need my Floppy Drive anymore for that?
A: Yes exactly. With the SDR function in the Prophet64 Cartridge, combined with the Midi-Interface, it is possible to fast load and save your Prophet64 savestates. For example, loading a Mono-Synth Song via Midi takes 5 seconds.
Q: Do i need to solder something to get the provided Midi-Interface-Card working?
A: The provided Midi-Interface works Plug&Play. There is no need to solder anything.
Q: Why aren't there any schematics as with your other projects?
A: As with all my projects, I will release all schematics, of course. I just need to find some time to set everything up.
Q: I found a Bug in the Midi-Interface! Will it be fixed and how?
A: Please report the Bug on the official Prophet64-Forum. I will try to fix it and put a new Firmware-File on my website. You will be able to upload the new file via Midi and the bug is fixed!

          TIME TABLE          
Time Table What happened?
17.10.2007 Added the Quick-Guide.
02.10.2007 Finally updated the homepage. The Midi-Interface is finished and is just being tested before i will release it. Click here to see what it looks like.
11.07.2006 Here is a photo of the Prototype
06.05.2006 The Prophet64 Prototype Cartridge arrived. And it's amazing!!! Syncronizing is already running. Upgraded the progress-bar for some features.
26.02.2006 Created the PROPHET64-CARTRIDGE MIDI-Interface Project Page.